Advocacy — Community Members


• Start to learn another language.
• Support local language/culture initiatives.
• Write letters to local school districts to encourage adding more language education to the curriculum.
• Write senators and congresspersons.
• Volunteer in after-school programs (either teaching language, tutoring, or helping ESL students).
• Join a local language club.
• Correspond by email with someone from a different country in your professional field.
• Be a volunteer host for international visitors (being a host could be as simple as offering dinner hospitality to an international visitor).
• Get involved in high school student international exchange programs, helping host parents and promoting exchanges.
• Rent foreign movies with English subtitles, and you will train your ears to hear new sounds.
• Study a foreign language in preparation for travel abroad.
• Source: “What Do We and Our Students Need in Indiana?” – Recommendations of the Indiana Task Force on Foreign Language Learning (2006).

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