Conference 2018

50th Annual IFLTA Conference

ExpandINg Avenues to MultilINgual Proficiency

November 1 – 3, 2018

Sheraton Hotel and Suites — Keystone Crossing, Indianapolis

Conference Program 

Materials provided by 2018 presenters

Presenter materials will remain on this site until December 1, 2019


Ashley Butler — Audite, Legite, Intellegite
Slides  •  Audite activities  •  Legite activities (ICC Constituent Workshop)


JJ Epperson and Leslie Phillips –Teaching Novels with Novel Ideas: Research to Practice
Slides (Session A-1)


Jill Woerner — Circumlocution for Novice Learners
Slides (Session A-8)


Jillian Eilert — Boosting Engagement through Storytelling
Slides (Session B-9)


Megan Worcester and Jill Woerner — Real Language Teacher Job Threats!
Slides (Session C-7)


Rachel Parroquin — Once Upon a Time: Children’s Literature in the Language Classroom
Handout  •  Link  (Session D-6)


Cassandra Hicks — Comprehensible Culture
Slides  (Session D-8)


JJ Epperson — Lowering the Affective Filter: Theory to Practice
Slides  (Session E-1)


Dahnya Chop — Activities to Engage Students
Slides  (Session E-3)


Debra Ames — Teaching Picasso’s Guernica and its Legacy
Slides  • Handouts  (Session F-4)


Christopher Bungard — Visualizing Latin Grammar: Using Lightboard Technology to Enhance Teaching
Slides  (Session F-11)


Deb Blaz — A Tweet for Ss: using Twitter in the WL Classroom
Slides  (Session F-13)



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• Call for Proposals
— Submission Deadline: July 15, 2018

— Notification of acceptance will take place in August 2018.

Presenter Responsibilities
Conference Attendance Grant

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