Advocacy — Corporations


• Offer funding to school corporations that want to explore the possibilities for adding courses in foreign languages, especially at the middle school level.
• Offer funding to post-secondary consortia that want to plan alternative ways to develop a pipeline of foreign language teachers for the state of Indiana.
• Create/support local language/culture centers.
• Develop/support/encourage language programs within the business (that is, have programs to educate employees in different languages).
• Compose a “mission statement” or hiring policy that emphasizes the role/importance/value of multilingual and multicultural employees.
• For universities – develop virtual field trips.
• Encourage “Lunch and Learn” language/cultural awareness programs.
• For large firms with international employees – encourage “Mix it up” lunches to foster cultural understanding.
• Be the financial sponsor of an international teacher for a school corporation having difficulties recruiting/hiring a language teacher.

Source: “What Do We and Our Students Need in Indiana?” – Recommendations of the Indiana Task Force on Foreign Language Learning (2006).

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