Spring Conference 2019

2019 IFLTA Pamela Gemmer Spring Conference

Saturday, May 4, 2019
9 am – 4:30 pm

Zionsville Community High School
1000 Mulberry St, Zionsville, IN 46077

Conference Schedule

Workshops and Sessions


• For more information contact IFLTA Pamela Gemmer Conference Chair Israel F. Herrera: herrerai@indiana.edu


• Early Bird registration (until April 27th) will be $25 dollars and onsite registration will be $30 dollars.

• Valid Checks and Cash are the only ways of payment.

• Registration fees will be allocated in the Pam Gemmer fund for professional development.

Please register here to secure a spot in the conference (limited seating).



Christy Lade — “Keep them engaged!”




Janet Holzer — “90% from day one”




Deb Blaz — “Using twitter in the WL Classroom”




Jillian Eilert — “Boosting Engagement through Storytelling”




Elizabeth Bays — “That’s the test? Using games as Assessments”




Vesna Dimitrieska — “Dual language immersion programs: Models, Benefits, and Pathways”




Cassandra Hicks — “Comprehensible Culture”




Amy Malott — “Input Galore”




Melissa Ballesteros — “Engaging Bilingual Students in Career Pathways”




JJ Epperson /Leslie Phillips — “Teaching Novels with Novel Ideas: Research to Practice”




Beth Beery/Neysa Leichty — “FVR, Creating a classroom library and a classroom of readers”




Angela Conner/Abigail Whicker — “The 10 best strategies from International Forum on Language Teaching”




Shalimar Manwani — “Setting up a community classroom”




Chunmei Guan — “Magic Cards in Language Classroom”




Tatiana Botero — “Teaching for Mastery and Student Ownership of Learning: Becoming Multilingual”




Jill Woerner — “Proficiency-based instruction demystified”




Angelika Becker — “German Brain Breaks”




Martha Nyikos — “Accelerating Oral Proficiency in Dual Language Classrooms: Teaching to Learn”




Lindsay Alessandrini — “Leading the Advanced Language Classroom”




Christie Waldron — “Creating Meaningful Relationships in 90% Target Language”




Amanda Ramirez/Megan Worcester/ Israel F. Herrera — “The NEW Indiana World Language Standards”








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