Teacher of the Year Archive 2012

Congratulations to the 2012 IFLTA Teachers of the Year

K-8 Teacher of the Year: Julie Canady
Secondary Teacher of the Year: Angelika Becker
Collegiate Teacher of the Year: Keiko Kuriyama
IFLTA Teacher of the Year Representative to Central States: Keiko Kuriyama

Congratulations to all of the following who were nominated as 2012 Indiana World Language Teachers of the Year by the Constituent Societies

AATF-Indiana: American Association of Teachers of French
Rising Star: ELISE BEUTLICH, Chesterton High School
Secondary: STEPHEN OHLHAUT, West Lafayette High School
Collegiate: CATHERINE FRALEY, University of Evansville

AATG: American Association of Teachers of German
Rising Star: AMANDA BECK, William Henry Harrison High School
Secondary: ANGELIKA BECKER, Carmel High School
Collegiate: TROY BYLER, Indiana University

AATSP: American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portugese
Rising Star: ABIGAIL STEINER, Batchelor Middle School
K-8: MERCEDES MUÑIZ-PEREDO, Central Middle School
Secondary: SHELIA YOUNG, Park Tudor School
Collegiate: CARRIE CLAY, Anderson University

AAITJ: American Association of Teachers of Japanese
Collegiate: KEIKO KURIYAMA, Indiana University

ICLASS: Indiana Chinese Language/Culture Association of Secondary and Elementary Schools
Rising Star: YICHUAN YAN, Indianapolis Public Schools
K-8: SHERRY YOUNG, International School of Indiana

ICC: Latin
Rising Star: STEPHANIE SYVERSON, Cathedral High School
Secondary: GISLIND PENTECOST, Ph.D., Indiana Academy for Science, Mathematics, and Humanities

IN-NELL: Indiana Chapter of the National Network for Early Languages
K – 8: JULIE CANADY, Central Middle School

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