Advocacy — Writing Suggestions


Suggestions for Writing Letters to Legislators
• Begin your letter with a brief introduction of who you are and why studying and learning languages is important to you.
• If you are a teacher, you might want to include information about what language you teach, how many students you have, and your school.
• You might want to include information/research on the benefits of language learning such as the following:
–Brain research shows early language learning increases cognitive ability as well as problem-solving skills and creativity.
–Multiple years of foreign-language study raises SAT scores more than multiple years of study in any other subject area.
–Foreign language learners have high academic achievement in college.
–Students benefit from the increased ability to communicate effectively with people from other cultures and countries.
–Life-long cultural and linguistic fluency contributes to personal satisfaction and a sense of achievement.
• Focus on topics that are receiving state and national attention (e.g. economic competitiveness, immigration, national security concerns).
• Inform the legislator that you intend to monitor legislation and voting that involves language study and international education.
• Offer your expertise and/or support.

State legistrators
• Sample letter

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